Reglas Del Autobús

Reglas Del Autobús:

  1. The driver is in charge. He has discretion to assign seats at any time and all riders must follow their instructions and rules or be subject to disciplinary actions including but not limited to: Assigned seat, Suspension from riding, or being banned from the bus. There will be no credit for suspensions due to disciplinary problems.
  1.  If the bus is equipped with seat belts, students will wear seat belts at all times, except when getting on, or off the bus.
  1. No one should switch seats once they are seated on the bus unless directed to do so by the driver. Once you pick your seat, you stay in your seat until you get to your stop. 
  1. Do not distract the driver. While we do encourage any problems being reported to the drivers, please wait until it is safe to do so, such as at a stop while the bus is not moving.
  1. Absolutely no standing while the bus is in motion. This creates a safety hazard and can also be a distraction to the driver.  
  1. No Food or beverages allowed on the bus. This includes Gum and Candy as well. Exceptions will be made for water bottles (containing only water) and children who have medical conditions that require them to eat at a certain time (ex. Diabetics). Anyone breaking this rule will be charged a $20 cleaning fee for the time and materials needed to clean the bus.
  1. No Trading of any kind. This includes but is not limited to Pokémon cards, toys, food, clothes, etc. We are not responsible for any items that your child may lose due to failure to adhere to this rule. This has caused issues in the past with children arguing and fighting due to a trade they later regretted.  
  1. Physical violence is prohibited from our busses. We will not punish someone who is acting in selfdefense, but we do not condone any form of violence. Any fights will be stopped immediately if possible but police may be called depending on the severity. Students having been found to start a fight will be subject to disciplinary action. 
  1. No Bullying. Anyone caught bullying any other students will be subject to disciplinary action. 
  1.  No Use of Profanity/Inappropriate Speech. This includes but is not limited to Swearing, Using hate speech, Sexual talk, lewd jokes, etc.
  2.  DO NOT THROW ANYTHING INSIDE THE BUS! Throwing items around the bus is a hazard to everyone. It causes distractions to the driver and risks damage to the bus and injury to people in the path of the thrown objects. Anyone throwing objects is subject to disciplinary action. Anyone throwing something at the driver or windshield will be subject to immediate removal from the bus
  3. No Guest Riders. Due to liability purposes we cannot transport any student not registered by their parent for our services. Anyone other than our registered and prepaid riders will be denied entry to the bus. 


Los estudiantes son alrededor de 50 veces más probabilidades de llegar a la escuela con vida, si se toma el bus que si la unidad de sí mismos o de viaje con los amigos-más de 20 veces más seguro que si viajan con un padre u otro adulto. Simplemente, los autobuses escolares están construidos para reducir el piloto de muertes y lesiones en un accidente. Así que para la mayoría de los padres, el presupuesto dólares ahorrados por el corte de servicio de autobús escolar se realiza a expensas de sus hijos

El autobús de la escuela sigue siendo la forma más segura de transporte de superficie en los Estados unidos. Es mucho más seguro que el de automóviles, camiones, autobuses públicos, o en tren. Los autobuses escolares están diseñados y fabricados específicamente para la seguridad y la protección del alumno pasajeros. Los fabricantes deben cumplir con una serie de normas federales y certificar que cada autobús escolar cumple con todas las normas federales y estatales.

Dénos una llamada hoy para reservar su hijo(s) de transporte hacia y desde la escuela.

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