School Busing

Welcome to TransportME Bus Service. Since you are checking us out, you are probably looking for school busing for your child. We at TransportME try our best to provide safe and reliable transportation for students to and from schools. Our school busing service serves Williston community. While we strive to serve the whole community, our buses have limited route capabilities to run during the reasonable time allotment for students riding our buses. As interest and staffing grows, we hope to be able to expand our routes to include a larger geographic area. Please contact us with your address to know if we are currently serving your area. We are a small company but privately owned and not affiliated with the school district. We work with local authorities, the city, police department and the school district to make our operation run smoothly

Please read our terms and conditionsbus rules and  liability waiver before signing up your children for our service. Also please read our Bus Rules and go over them with your children before the first day on the bus.

( We currently charge $125 per child per month for 2021/2022 school year. )

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