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School Busing

Welcome to TransportME Bus Service. Since you are checking us out, you are probably looking for school busing for your child. We at TransportME tries our best to provide safe and reliable transportation for students to and from schools.

Intercity Shuttle

This is North Dakota! Intercity shuttle service is limited. TransportME Bus Services tries to fill in the gap. There is little or no public transit in the western North Dakota. Most transportation policy, analysis, and technology focus on urban transportation.

Crew Transportation

Effective crew transportation requires specialized services that operate 24/7, safe and reliable to meet an organization rapidly changing needs.

Charter Bus

Oilfield sites in North Dakota is quite different from most oilfield in Texas and California in terms of weather conditions.

If you want a safe, reliable and cost efficient transportation for your crew, call us today for a quote.

Airport Transfers

The benefit to choosing this kind of service is convenience—it eliminates the stress of trying to hail a taxi or lug a heavy suitcase onto public transportation. Many travelers enjoy having all their transportation taken care of (including payment) before they arrive at their destination airport, especially if they’re coming off a long-haul flight.

Weddings and Special Events

This is your day, a memorable event!

For your convenient, we will arrange a befitting transportation for you and your guest.

We all know that your special day is a very hectic day that involves extensive thought and planning and also a lot of worry.  Take away a bit of the worry by using our bus service to ensure your wedding party arrives on time and gets home safe.  

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